Other payment methods

You can submit your payment by fax. Your order will need to include payment information and method. Payment methods are:

Before you are ready to place an order, please be sure to review what options in your scenario you desire.

Contact us regarding the price quote of the product that you wish to buy from Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc.

Ordering by fax

To order a product by fax please complete the following procedure:

  1. Print out the order form.
  2. Fill in the fax order form manually.
    Alternatively, you may fax an official purchase order from your organization. Please be sure to include the same type of information required in the order form.
  3. Send the fax order to:
    Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc.
    Orders Department
    Attn: Pam Childs
    PO BOX 1671
    TN 37901-1671

Fax number: +1 (865) 522 2570
To confirm receipt of fax, call: +1 (865) 522 3167

We will contact you regarding your order as soon as possible.